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Part IV: Retouching—Taking Images to the Next Level

Part IV: Retouching—Taking Images to the Next Level


Chapter 13 Using Strategies for Success

Chapter 14 Solving Special Portrait Retouching Problems

Chapter 15 Hands-on Portrait Retouching Project: The Complete Workflow

Chapter 16 Hands-on Architectural Retouching Project

In diis section we dive into retouching. You'll lake everything you've learned up to this point and apply it to two styles of retouching: hard-edged retouching and soft-edge retouching.

We begin this section by exploring what retouching is and how you can use it to add value to important images. We take a close look at the three-phase retouching workflow and discuss how to use it in different scenarios.

Then we look at some special retouching problems ranging from simple head-swaps to complex glass-glares. In this section you'll see that just about any portrait retouching issue can be solved with a handful of Photoshop's retouching tools.

We complete this part with two hands-on projects. The first one is a portrait reiouching project that focuses on soft-edge retouching tools and techniques, in this project we begin with a simple portrait that has a number of typical retouching issues. Once we've addressed those issues, you'll see how easy it is to quickly turn a nice ponrait into a very nice portrait.

In the second hands-on project we work on an architectural image. This project focuses on the tools and techniques that are used for retouching around hard edges. You'll also learn how easy it is to correct the perspective on an architectural image and how to retouch within that perspective.

By the end of Part IV you'll be comfortable with Photoshop's main retouching too is and techniques and how they fit into the workflow. When you've completed this part, you'll be ready to handle just about any retouching project that comes along.


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