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Part I: Understanding the Workflow

Part I: Understanding the Workflow


Chapter 1 Making Your Work Flow

Chapter 2 Comparing Lightroom and Photoshop

Chapter 3 Understanding Image File Basics

The most important word in the title of this book is workflow. That's because many photographers struggle with managing the countless options available during the digital post-production process. Before you can understand the process, however, you need to know exactly what workflow means.

In Chapter 1, I answer that question and more as you explore the concepts behind the digital photographer's workflow. The two other important words in the title are Lightroom and Photoshop. In Chapter 2, I compare and contrast these two Adobe products and show why one is preferable to the other for specific portions of the workflow. Once you get a better idea of how Lightroom and Photoshop are used, you'll understand why I consider the combination of these two products to be the perfect solution for the digital photographer's post-production needs.

In the last chapter in this section, Chapter 3, I discuss the different types of image files photographers use. I also cover why one type is preferable to another during specific portions of the workflow. I then explain how to create and manage an organizational system that makes sense so that you can quickly find the files you want when you need them. Finally, I take a moment to discuss one of the most important subjects in Part I: backing up and archiving techniques and strategies. Be sure to read this section even if you already have a strategy in place.


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