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Masking Layers - Pg. 235

MA Sk InG LAyErS WhIle the POWeR of masking is quite impressive, you don't realize its full potential until you combine it with a more com- mon function in Photoshop: layers. Layers are a critical component of the incredible flexibility of Photoshop. They enable you to mix and match a variety of images--not to mention adjustment layers-- to change the appearance of your images. Every layer carries with it a transparency mask, which defines the boundaries of the layer--that is, which pixels are opaque and which are transparent. You can't see or edit transparency masks directly in Photoshop, but they are always there, ready for you to use as another way to mask elements of an image. By way of example, you can load the transparency mask of any layer as a selection at any time--just press Ctrl ( on the Mac) and click a thumbnail in the Layers palette. Start with these images... ...and through the use of layers, layer masks, and clipping masks...