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Chapter 5. Making Quick Fixes > Playing It Safe - Pg. 79

Making Quick Fixes Chapter 5 Playing It Safe I n this chapter and the next, you'll discover ways to correct and edit your images. Hopefully, after you apply some of these tech- niques, you'll have images you're quite happy with. But if not, let's look at some of the things you can do after you totally goof up an image: The most important step is to never work on an original image. Either make a copy by choosing Window>Duplicate and perform your work on the copy, or make sure the PaintShop Photo Pro Auto- Preserve feature is activated. When that feature is activated, when you first save any changes over an original image, PaintShop Photo Pro places a copy of the original untouched image in a folder called Corel Auto-Preserve, which it locates in a folder just below the current image. If you duplicate the image and work on the copy, it also helps you to compare the before and after effects by displaying both the original and the duplicated images side by side. Choose Window>Tile Vertically (see Figure 5-1). Figure 5-1 Compare images side by side. Control Auto Preserve Although activated by default, you can control the Auto-Preserve feature by choosing File>Preferences>General Programs Preferences. Click the Auto- Preserve section to see the on/off option. 79