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Chapter 7. Camera-Phone Tricks > Transfer Images Via Email - Pg. 214

Final Thoughts If you travel light, you will want to seriously consider pairing your camera phone with a PDA that is capable of infrared or Bluetooth wireless file transfer. PDAs can now use storage cards with megabytes of storage space. So, it is possible to store many relatively low-resolution (sub-megapixel) digital photographs on a PDA until you can access your larger-capacity desktop or notebook computer. --Todd Ogasawara Transfer Images Via Email Wireless photo transfer is one of the great advantages of camera phones. These tips will have you filling up your friends' phone mailboxes in short order. Email might be the simplest way to get a photograph from your phone to somewhere else. It doesn't require a special cable, computer peripheral, or additional software. Only a few camera phones (mostly in the Smartphone category) allow additional file storage using MMC or SD cards. This means that if your phone has limited storage space or if you have installed a number of aftermarket applications that have their own data requirements, you'll fill up the phone's internal storage with just a few photos. Emailing your photo might be the only way to free up storage space on your phone if you do not have ready access to a desktop, notebook, or PDA to which you can offload the phone's photo files.