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Chapter 7. A Session in the Family’s Home > The Actual Shoot - Pg. 148

The Actual Shoot When all is said and done, we've shot in nearly all the useable locations inside and outside the home. By the time we get to the actual "photo session" portion of the experience, we are hopefully past any anxiety about how everyone will look or act, and we can simply begin a new conversation--one that doesn't end until I shoot the final frame. We'll often start by bringing the entire family together in the best-lit spot in the house. I'll use the reflector, as well as additional lighting when necessary (more about that in Chapter 9, "A Session on the Move"), and initially just focus on getting a great, clear shot of everyone's faces. The family-all-together-looking- at-camera shot isn't a particularly creative one, but it's often a treasured one-- especially if everyone is looking honest and at ease. While I'm setting up that shot, all kinds of little experiences are happening here and there. The daughter may be looking up at mom or little brother might be leaning forward to hug the dog. I like to zoom in and frame some of those moments separately in the midst of securing the larger shot. When it comes to delivering the images, I'll offer my subjects a variety of styles from which to choose. If I happened to get three great family shots, I'll show each in a different processing and framing style. Often, they will choose one for a large portrait and others for albums or holiday cards or gifts (recall how they will put great shots everywhere?). Give them a bit of variety, and they'll happily invest in more imagery.