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Introduction - Pg. 1

Introduction Photography is a synthesis of so many things I care about -- art, technology, creative expression, and connecting with people. As a child, photography books like The Family of Man and pictures in the old family photo box mesmer- ized me. I didn't have an understanding of the mechanics of a camera and wasn't aware of basic composi- tion, but I was drawn to the people in the photographs -- their expressions, emotions, and relationships. Inspired to create my own images, as an adult I began the journey toward becoming a photographer. The image shown here resonates with my sense of that journey -- reaching out to explore the world of creativity and expression and connecting with it on a personal level. Along the way I've educated my "eye" in design, learned to "see" light in a different way, and now use my camera and equipment as tools for creating photographs that capture parts of people's lives. This book is my effort to help you understand the technology and the basics for developing an artistic eye and to give you real-life techniques for connecting with, and photographing, people. Whether you are a beginning digital photographer with a compact camera or a more seasoned photo enthusiast with a dSLR, you will find the information you need to help advance your photography skills when photographing peo- ple in any situation, and those skills can take you far beyond just snapshots in any genre of photography! My goal is to inform, inspire, and provide you with the skills and confidence to successfully use the digital camera as a tool to create and capture meaningful moments. © Stephen Poffenberger