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Must-Have reception Shots > Must-Have reception Shots - Pg. 190

190 Part II Wedding Photography Techniques and Concepts Must-Have Reception Shots In this first section I focus on the specific "must have" shots you're expected to get during the reception. These "must-haves" are similar to the "must-haves" from the ceremony in that they are entirely predictable. You know almost exactly when and where each event will happen. This knowledge enables you to get your camera set up properly and beat the crowd of specta- tors armed with phone cameras who will also be jockeying for the prime shooting location. As you will soon see, getting there first is far easier than trying to ask someone to move over. The decorations and location A good collection of images from the reception should start with a few "scene setters." These are images that record the physical space where the reception took place. The shots might include the location sign out on the road, the building, pretty scenery, table settings, the bar, and perhaps even the cooks in action as they prepare the meal in the kitchen. You can take shots of the facility early in the day when there's plenty of light, and then again later in the evening when it's almost dark, as shown in Figure 12-1. If you have the time to walk around and do a couple of these shots right at dusk, you can get some light in the sky in combination with the location lights. This is almost always preferable to the empty black sky you get when it's really late at night.