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CHAPTER 17: Cracking the Secret Code: Br... > Interviewing Clients - Pg. 314

314 Part III The Business of Digital Wedding Photography Travel agents, wedding coordinators who work for a particular resort, independent coordina- tors, florists, cake makers, videographers, limo owners, DJs, caterers, dress makers, and even other photographers all would love to make a little cash from a referral. Interviewing Clients Once you get a potential client's attention, you have to schedule a time when you can meet with him or her in private. Rarely will you find people willing to sign contracts at a wedding show. The vast majority will want to meet with you in a quiet place where they can ask ques- tions and have your undivided attention. This is your chance to really impress them with your professionalism. I usually don't bring images to show at these meetings because I want them to check out my slide shows on the Internet before they meet with me. I do bring album sam- ples and I plan on talking and just making friends with them over a cup of coffee. Qualify the client The most vital thing you must do before you agree to meet with a couple for an interview is first qualify them as potential clients. You must know that they can afford your prices, that they've looked at enough of your pictures to know your work, and that all the final decision makers will attend the interview. Your worst nightmare would be to get to a meeting and find out that they haven't even looked at your slide shows. Or they might say, "So, how much do you charge?" Or even worse, they could be vetting you for the couple and say, "We're here to decide if you're any good; then we'll tell the bride and you can interview again with her." You