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CHAPTER 19: Destination Weddings > Reality Check - Pg. 338

338 Part III The Business of Digital Wedding Photography often put into making the event unique seems to make them that much more concerned with finding just the right photographer to preserve the event in a way they will enjoy sharing with all of their friends back home. The very nature of a destination wedding requires travel to get to the event, so when a couple starts looking for a photographer, it really doesn't matter if that photographer lives just down the street from them or on another continent. This fact, combined with the worldwide shop- ping potential of the Internet, opens up the search for photographers to include a large portion of the globe. Destination wedding couples are usually computer-savvy people who typically feel comfort- able functioning in a high-tech world. It is not unusual for them to sit in front of their comput- ers for hours at a time, seeking out and comparing the absolute best photographers. If they find someone whose style matches what they want and their budget, they won't hesitate to make all the arrangements over the phone and via e-mail without actually meeting the photog- rapher in person. In this chapter I discuss options for marketing yourself to these clients, pricing the job, choos- ing the right equipment for travel, and getting to the wedding and back in one piece. Reality Check For many wedding photographers, the dream of shooting a destination wedding ranks right up there with shooting a celebrity wedding. Shooting a destination celebrity wedding -- well, that