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CHAPTER 2: Developing Your Own Style > Giving Clients What They Want - Pg. 30

30 Part I Understanding Digital Wedding Photography The only mistake you can make is to try to do it all. Never tell your clients you can shoot in any style they want. This is a certain recipe for mediocrity. Instead, pick a style and stick with it. It won't take long before you become known for what you do. Not all clients will like that style and some of them will pass you by. Don't worry. You don't have to catch every single fish in the sea. Just do what you love. As you get more experience, clients will find you because they love what you love to do. Figure 2-14 shows a type of image that I personally love to create. After shooting images like this one for a couple of years, I now have brides who come in asking if I can do something like this for them. Figure 2-14: Do what you love, and clients who love what you do will find you.