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Cropping People > Cropping People - Pg. 79

Chapter 5 Composing Your Art 79 Cropping People When shooting group photos, you have two main compositional factors to consider. One is that most people like to purchase 8×10s because the manufacturers of cheap frames don't produce many 8×12 frames. However, your camera produces an 8×12 image. Figure 5-6 shows how you can frame your groups to allow for cropping. Leaving enough space on the ends of the frame allows for cropping one inch from either end of the 8×12 print. The second consideration is where to crop your subjects. There are definitely good and bad places to cut someone off. Figure 5-7 shows the most comfortable places where you can place the bottom of the frame. Cut your group at waist level and nobody notices. However, cut everyone off at crotch level and you are certain to create some discomfort in your viewers. Also, people don't like having their feet or the tops of their heads cut off. You can comfortably crop at the waist, through the thighs, and through the shins. Figure 5-6: Make sure to leave room on your group shots so they can easily be cropped to an 8×10. The masked-out area around this image shows how it would fit in an 8×10 frame. Figure 5-7: When cropping people, you can comfortably crop at the waist, through the thighs, and through the shins. The masked areas show how I might crop if I wanted a closer view. For an important group shot, I of- ten make virtual copies in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and crop each one differently.