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CHAPTER 9: Documenting the Ceremony > Must-Have Shots - Pg. 138

138 Part II Wedding Photography Techniques and Concepts in time to be ready for each of the big events in the story. In this chapter I share some of the insight and the thought process that goes into choreographing every movement a professional photographer makes during those fleeting moments of the wedding ceremony. Must-Have Shots Most photographers have a list of shots that are considered the "must-have" shots of the cer- emony. My "Top 10" list of the main events is as follows: 1. The bride walking down the aisle with her father 2. The bride's father giving the bride to the groom 3. The bride looking at the groom during the ceremony 4. The groom looking at the bride during the ceremony 5. A close-up of the officiant 6. A close-up of anyone doing a reading or singing a song 7. A wide shot from the back showing the entire ceremony 8. The bride and groom exchanging rings 9. The kiss