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PART I: Understanding Digital Wedding Ph... > CHAPTER 4: Camera Settings and Digit... - Pg. 59

C H A P T E R 4 E Camera Settings and Digital Exposure very digital camera has a menu that you can access through the LCD screen. You may have several different menus with hundreds of options that you can control. These options change the way your camera functions. Some options change the way the camera func- tions on the outside, such as how it focuses or how it behaves with your flash; other options control the way the software functions inside the camera; still other options may change the file type, whether or not each image is sharpened, or whether the images are in color or black- and-white. Many of the available choices are simply a matter of personal preference and most are not permanent if you shoot in RAW format. However, some of the changes you can make have a big effect on the end result. The purpose of this chapter is to help you become familiar with these settings so that you can make the appropriate adjustments for each type of job you do with your camera.