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11 Sony Alpha SLT-A77: Troubleshooting a... > Cleaning Your Sensor - Pg. 351

Chapter 11 Sony Alpha SLT-A77: Troubleshooting and Prevention 351 Cleaning Your Sensor Yes, your Alpha A77 does have an anti-static coating on the front of the sensor. And it does have an automatic sensor dust removal system that activates every time you turn on the camera. And that transparent mirror doesn't flip up and down with each shot, which theoretically should reduce the amount of dust sneaking past the mirror and shutter and onto the sensor itself. But, even with those high tech aids, you'll still get some stubborn dust on your sensor. There's no avoiding it. No matter how careful you are, some dust is going to settle on your camera and on the mounts of your lenses, eventually making its way inside your camera to settle in the mirror chamber. As you take photos, dust manages to become airborne and eventually make its way past the mirror and shutter curtain to come to rest on the anti-aliasing filter atop your sensor. There, dust and particles can show up in every single picture you take at a small enough aperture to bring the foreign matter into sharp focus. No matter how careful you are and how cleanly you work, eventually you will get some of this dust on your camera's sensor. But even the cleanest-working photographers using Sony cameras are far from immune.