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Chapter 5. Advanced Techniques for Your ... > Exploring Ultra-Fast Exposures - Pg. 142

142 David Busch's Sony Alpha DSLR-A850 Guide to Digital Photography selective focus, and, perhaps, experimenting with the different looks that various lenses and focal lengths could offer. The final, and most rewarding stage comes when you begin exploring advanced tech- niques that enable you to get stunning shots that will have your family, friends, and col- leagues asking you, "How did you do that?" These more advanced techniques deserve an entire book of their own (and I have one for you called Digital SLR Pro Secrets, also from Course Technology PTR). But there is plenty of room in this chapter to introduce you to some clever things you can do with your Sony Alpha DSLR. This chapter will be a bit of a grab bag, because I'm including some specific advanced shooting techniques that didn't quite fit into the other chapters. Exploring Ultra-Fast Exposures Fast shutter speeds stop action because they capture only a tiny slice of time. Electronic flash also freezes motion by virtue of its extremely short duration--as brief as 1/50,000th second or less. The Sony Alpha DSLR-A850 has a top shutter speed of 1/8,000th sec- ond and, if you attach an external flash, such as one of the Sony HVL-series strobes, you add even more versatility. You can read more about using electronic flash to stop