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5. Setup Menu > Copyright Information

Copyright Information

(User’s Manual – Page 243)

Copyright information allows you to embed Artist and Copyright data into each image. Refer to Figure 5-28 and use the following steps to add personal information to your camera. It will then write your Artist name and Copyright information into the metadata of the image.

Copyright information settings

Figure 5-28. Copyright information settings

Here are the steps to enter your Artist and Copyright information:

  1. Select Copyright information from the Setup Menu and scroll to the right (Figure 5-28, image 1).

  2. Select Done from the menu and scroll to the right (Figure 5-28, image 2).

  3. Scroll down to Artist and scroll to the right (Figure 5-28, image 3).

  4. You’ll now see the Artist screen with all the available characters (Figure 5-28, image 4). Add your name here, with a maximum of 36 characters. Use the Multi Selector to scroll around within the characters. Lowercase characters follow the uppercase letters. Select a character by pressing the OK button. Correct errors within the text you’ve already entered by holding down the Thumbnail/playback zoom out button and scrolling left or right with the Multi Selector. Remove a character that’s already in the name area by scrolling to it and pressing the Delete button. Press the Playback zoom in button when you have entered your name. (Refer to the Camera Body Reference section at the beginning of this book to find the button locations.)


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