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C > Cartier-Bresson, Henri - Pg. 51

C Cartier-Bresson, Henri 51 Cartier-Bresson's name will forever be associated with the photographic idea of the `decisive moment'. The phrase, however, came from his American publishers; an improvement of the literal French translation of Images à la sauvette as `Images on the run' for his 1952 portfolio. There is only one moment when all the elements of composition come together ­ the `decisive moment'. Born in France in 1908 and considered by many the founding father of street photography and photojournalism (one of the founders of the famous Magnum photo agency), Cartier- Bresson would probably be as happy to be recalled as a painter and artist. He was an early adopter of the Leica 35mm camera and strongly disliked publicity. He did little of his own printing, composing in the camera and having photographs printed, uncropped, with a distinctive