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V - Pg. 260

V Variable Contrast 260 Contrast grade 00 Contrast grade 0 Contrast grade 1 Contrast grade 2 The images here show the contrast range available with Ilford Multigrade paper. Contrast grade 3 Contrast grade 4 Contrast grade 5 Variable contrast paper is black-and-white photographic darkroom paper that can be exposed to give a range of different contrasts matching a wide variety of negative contrasts. Contrast can be adjusted by exposing the paper through a range of yellow to magenta filters (complementary colours). The filters can be used above or below the enlarger lens and give a range in half grades from soft (Grade 00) to hard (Grade 5). Variable-contrast enlargers feature a single control for contrast, which gives stepless contrast grades without requiring retesting or calculation for exposure when the paper grade is changed. see Complementary Colours 71, Contrast 76, Enlargement 105