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Chapter Seven: 7 Steps to Be a Successfu... > Chapter Seven: 7 Steps to Be a Succe... - Pg. 148

T HE C ONTROL F REAK R EVOLUTION with Peter, and every six months since that first lunch we have met for either breakfast and lunch. Peter supported me to be a successful businesswoman, author, and speaker, and he has helped countless others, too. He publicly announces that he is no longer available as a mentor because he just becomes too inundated with requests. When I talk to any of Peter's employees, they always say he is the best boss to work for and that he takes pride in helping all of his employees succeed. The positive outcome of helping others to succeed is that we get the good feeling that comes with that, too. Many leaders feel they just don't have the time to train others or to teach someone to do a project or a task. This is a typical control freak thought, because we want to control our time and what we know, and deep down we are not sure of the return on our investment. Or we ask ourselves WIFM (what's in it for me)?