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Chapter 10: Sales Communications > Agreements - Pg. 248

The Encyclopedia of Business Letters, Faxes, and E-Mail Agreements Even if a prospect agrees over the telephone to use your product or service, a formal closing of the sale should be done in writing. Agreements, even infor- mal ones, require detailed filing and documentation because they are contrac- tual in nature, so avoid e-mail and stick with hard copy and the post office. Informal letter of agreement Background: For simple uncomplicated projects, you can confirm assignments in writing with a brief letter of agreement, such as the one below. Be sure to include a second copy for the customer and a self-addressed, stamped envelope so that he or she can easily return the signed form to you. For more complex projects, you should consult an attorney who can draw up a formal business agreement. Essential elements: This letter serves as a contract between you and your customer. Include: 1. A thank-you for being given the specified work/order. 2. A request for the signed form to be returned to you. 3. A detailed description of the service/product. 4. The fee for this service/product. 5. Any exceptions that would change the fee (overtime, revisions,