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Chapter 10: Sales Communications > Tips for writing successful inquiry fulfillm... - Pg. 236

The Encyclopedia of Business Letters, Faxes, and E-Mail writing challenge. It must sell on words alone, without the embellishment of color, photos, or artwork. Tips for writing successful inquiry fulfillment letters The key to successful cover letters? Be friendly, courteous, and helpful. Tell the reader how you will help him or her solve his or her problem better, faster, or cheaper than the competition. Here are eight letter-writing tips: Thank the prospect for the lead "Thanks for your interest" is a common opener. It may be becoming a cliché. However, it's still a necessary courtesy. Highlight key sales points Don't try to summarize your sales literature, but instead pick one or two of the important sales points and emphasize them in your letter. Letters are handy supplements to literature because they can include any recent developments that a color brochure, with its longer shelf life, may not reflect. Your letter can focus on a recent case history, a new application, a product improvement, or an addition to your manufacturing facility.