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The Encyclopedia of Business Letters, Faxes, and E-Mail letters is time-consuming. This is where I can help. Consider allowing me to explain the technology in lay language to these customers, so you can spend less time translating and more time writing your usual sizzling sales letter. I would do this free of charge, hoping, in turn, to learn direct mail copywriting from a master (I am thinking about becoming a freelancer spe- cializing in direct marketing of high-tech and industrial products). How does this sound to you? Sincerely, Bob Bly Refusal of a request for a recommendation letter Background: When someone asks you for a letter of recommendation, are you obliged to write it, even if you had problems with the person in the past? This is a hard personal decision you have to make, but it would be dishonest to make a positive recommendation if it may hurt a potential employer. This course is better than agreeing to write the letter and then saying negative things. Tell the person who requested the recommendation why you can't oblige,