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Getting business > Getting business - Pg. 134

The Encyclopedia of Business Letters, Faxes, and E-Mail Getting business At their root, all the business letters you write are for the purpose of getting and retaining business. The following samples are ones you can use to directly market yourself, gain new accounts, and retain the customers you have. Report on results, with price quotes Background: This kind of letter pulls double duty: It tells prospective cus- tomers why they need your product or service and then how much it will cost them. Essential elements: The letter that reports results and quotes prices has four parts: 1. It explains the results of industry research or of a requested estimate, a consultation, an inquiry, or any other professional information that shows the product or service is necessary. 2. It presents recommendations based on the results. 3. It states an estimate of the cost of those goods or services. 4. It asks the recipient to contact you to proceed. Sample: