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Chapter Ten. Moving From Networking to I... > Chapter Ten. Moving From Networking ... - Pg. 240

240 Highly Effective Networking Of course you are doing this in more than one organization. When you are in touch with enough different Decision Makers in enough different organizations, the odds tip in your favor, and one of them has an opening. Because you talked to a number of Decision Makers, it's not an accident that one of them now has an opening. And it's because of your attention to follow-up that you're on their short list. Follow-up with Decision Makers is one of the most important things you'll do in a job search. This isn't about networking. It's what happens at the end of the networking process and before you get the interview. Once you have talked to an appropriate Decision Maker, you should re-contact that person every two or three weeks until they hire you. Or until someone else hires you. How often you make contact de- pends on how highly paid the job is. In higher paying jobs, every three weeks is usually about right. In lower paid jobs, you should make contact more often.