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Chapter 5. Scalar Optimization and Usability

Chapter 5. Scalar Optimization and Usability

Key Points

  • Before beginning a parallel optimization project, make sure a good effort at scalar performance optimization has already been invested.

  • A compiler that targets your processor and features advanced optimizations such as automatic vectorization, interprocedural optimization, and profile-guided optimization can substantially improve performance of your application.

  • Applying usability features of your compiler such as those aiding compatibility, compile time, and code size, can substantially improve development efficiency.

As discussed in Chapter 4, a variety of tools are available to help with multi-core software development. After reading that chapter you may be led to believe the next step is to start using the tools and begin developing parallel applications, but this is not the case. Before taking advantage of parallelism via multi-threading or partitioning, it is important to consider scalar optimization techniques. To say it more strongly, a prerequisite for parallel optimization is highly tuned scalar performance. Why is this claim true?


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