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Chapter 1. Core Concepts > Members and Properties - Pg. 42

Members and Properties In the ActionScript 3.0 specification, an object's variables and methods are referred to collectively as its properties, where property means "a name associated with a value or method." Confusingly, in other ActionScript documentation (most notably Adobe's ActionScript Language Reference), the term property is also used to mean "instance variable." To avoid the confusion caused by this contradiction, this book avoids the use of the term "property" entirely. Where necessary, this book uses the traditional object-oriented programming term instance members (or simply members) to refer to a class's instance methods and instance variables collectively. For example, we might say " radius is not a member of Box," meaning that the Box class does not define any methods or variables named radius . Virtual Zoo Review This chapter has introduced a large number of concepts and terms. Let's practice using them by reviewing our virtual zoo program for the last time in this chapter. Our virtual zoo game has two classes: VirtualZoo (the main class) and VirtualPet (which represents the pets in the zoo). When our program starts, the Flash runtime automatically creates an instance of