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Chapter 7. Communication and Events > Subclasses of the Event Class

Subclasses of the Event Class

In this chapter, we have covered the Event, MouseEvent, and KeyboardEvent classes. We will work with many more subclasses of the Event class in later chapters. Table 7.5 lists common Event subclasses for your reference. To get a full list and explanation of each subclass, search the Flash help menu using the phrase “Event class.”

Table 7.5. Event Class Subclasses
ColorPickerEventEvent object associated with the ColorPicker component
FocusEventEvent object used when focus is changed from one object to another
KeyboardEventEvent object used for key input through keyboard
MetadataEventEvent object used when FLV video file’s metadata information packet is received
MotionEventEvent object dispatched by fl.motion.Animator class
MouseEventEvent object dispatched when mouse events occur
NetStatusEventEvent object dispatched by NetConnection, NetStream, and SharedObject class status updates
ProgressEventEvent object dispatched by loader objects at regular intervals when a load operation has started
SoundEventEvent object dispatched by a Sound object when settings have been changed
TextEventEvent object dispatched when a TextField is interacted with or changed
TimerEventEvent object dispatched by Timer object when intervals are reached
TweenEventEvent object dispatched by the fl.transitions.Tween class
VideoEventEvent object passed when status of a video changes


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