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TOPIC: User Interface > TOPIC: User Interface - Pg. 1

Advanced Android Development Learning Path Target Audience: This content is for programmers who want to customize Android applications or go beyond Java-based development. Learning Objectives: When you have completed this learning path, you will be able to: Customize and optimize Android applications Understand native development for Android Create custom embedded platforms that utilize and extend Android TOPIC: DEVELOPER TOOLS Supporting tools needed to develop applications. [3 hours] Programming Android, by Z. Mednieks, et al., O'Reilly Media, Inc. o o o o o Section 18.1. Native Methods and JNI Calls Section 18.2. The Android NDK Section 18.3. Android-Provided Native Libraries Section 18.4. Building Your Own Custom Library Modules Section 18.5. Native Activities TOPIC: ANDROID BUILDING BLOCKS Details on using Android. [6 hours] Android 3.0 Animations, by A. Shaw, Packt Publishing o o o Chapter 3. Tweening and Using Animators Chapter 7. 2D Graphics with Surfaces Chapter 8. Live Wallpapers TOPIC: USER INTERFACE Aspects related to display and interaction with the user. [6 hours] Android User Interface Development Beginner's Guide, by J. Morris, Packt Publishing o o Chapter 9. Styling Android Applications Chapter 10. Building an Application Theme Programming Android, by Z. Mednieks, et al., O'Reilly Media, Inc. o o Section 9.1. Rolling Your Own Widgets Section 9.2. Bling 1