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Chapter 2. Android’s development environ... > Debugging your application - Pg. 57

Debugging your application 57 Figure 2.21 Adding the run configuration to the toolbar menu At this point, the Android tip calculator should now be running in the Android emu- lator! Go ahead; test it! But wait, what if there's a problem with the code but you're not sure where? It's time to briefly look at debugging an Android application. 2.5 Debugging your application Debugging an application is a skill no pro- grammer can survive without. Fortunately, debugging an Android application is straight- forward under Eclipse. The first step to take is to switch to the Debug perspective in the Eclipse IDE . Remember, you switch from one perspective to another by using the Open Perspective submenu found under the Win- dow menu. Figure 2.22 Starting this chapter's sample application, an Android tip calculator.