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Appendix B. Language Reference - Pg. 525

B Language Reference This appendix contains a summary of AppleScript operators, classes, statements, and commands. It has been organized for quick reference. Please refer to the text for a more detailed explanation of any of the topics summarized here. This reference is based on AppleScript version 1.9.3. Operators The following table summarizes the various AppleScript operators. These operators are listed in order of decreasing precedence. Operators grouped together have the same precedence. Operator - + ^ * / div mod + - & as <, =, not and or , >, Operator Unary minus Unary plus Exponentiation Multiplication Division Integer division Modulus Addition Subtraction Concatenation Coercion Relational Equality / Inequality Logical negation Logical AND Logical OR Associativity -- Right to left Left to right Left to right Left to right Left to right -- -- -- Left to right Left to right