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Chapter 3: Programming Basics > The Programming Process - Pg. 20

20 CHAPTER 3: Programming Basics What's the Best Language for Programming the Mac or iPhone? All the programs in this book will run in the console, a scrolling text window that is part of Xcode. If you would like to build applications that feature the Mac look-and-feel with but- tons, scroll bars, and windows, you'll need to finish this book, then learn Objective-C, and then learn Cocoa. Objective-C is a programming language, like C, but it's designed to work with objects. Objects are blocks of code that represent parts of your program, such as a scrolling win- dow, an image, or a menu. Cocoa is a vast collection of objects that represent all elements of the Mac experience. Objective-C and Cocoa were designed to work together. Learn C, Objective-C, and Cocoa, and you will have everything you need to develop even the most complex Macintosh applications. Learn C on the Mac is the beginning of a series of books that will teach you how to build professional Mac and iPhone applications. Once you've finished this book, you'll want to dig into Learn Objective-C on the Mac by Mark Dalrymple and Scott Knaster (Apress 2009). It was designed as a sequel to Learn C and does a great job taking you from C to Objective-C.