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A data structure is the logical organization of a set of data items that collectively describe an object. Using the C programming language, this book describes how to effectively choose and design a data structure for a given situation or problem.

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Average Rating: 2.75 out of 5 rating Based on 4 Ratings

"Clearest Explanations" - by Nix on 05-MAR-2013
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I agree that there are some mistakes in this book. I noticed some of the "Test your skills" programs failed to compile as demonstrated. So, I would either correct the program in the code provided or skip the problem. However, this book provided me the best explanations and examples over several books. I was struggling to grasp my head around some key concepts in C like Pointers, but this book finally helped me. Aside from the mistakes, it's the best reference book that I've seen. This includes "K&R C Programming", "Pointers in C", and "Introduction to Data Structures in C".
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"Aah, this cannot claim to be a textbook" - by jacp on 19-MAY-2012
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This book has so many errors. For a book containing a publishing date of 2011, this book attempts to describe a language dated 1989 and that too incorrectly. The story about ANSI C is inaccurate. This has too many bad examples of style and content that it is shocking that it claims to be a textbook. If you are a student, please use a better textbook.

It is unbelievable that this has passed an English language review; let alone a technical review.


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