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Chapter 8. Securing Network Connections > TAKING ADVANTAGE OF SSL - Pg. 209

Taking Advantage of SSL 209 if (!SCNetworkReachabilityScheduleWithRunLoop(smpReachability, [[NSRunLoop currentRunLoop] getCFRunLoop], kCFRunLoopDefaultMode)) { NSLog(@"didn't schedule reachability callback in run loop"); } } - (void)dealloc { SCNetworkReachabilityUnscheduleFromRunLoop(smpReachability, [[NSRunLoop currentRunLoop] getCFRunLoop], kCFRunLoopDefaultMode); CFRelease(smpReachability); [super dealloc]; } Applications with lower-level requirements like network-configuration utilities need to be able to moni- tor the configuration of the network interfaces. SystemConfiguration exposes that information in two forms, both of which resemble dictionary objects with the usual key-value semantics. The first is the persistent store, which represents the network settings configured by users and administrators through the System Preferences application or the scutil tool. The second is the dynamic store, reflecting the current state of the active network configuration on the Mac. The dynamic store is usually related to