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Chapter 6. inheritance: Your object's fa... > Build a beehive management system - Pg. 239

inheritance Build a beehive management system A queen bee needs your help! Her hive is out of control, and she needs a program to help manage it. She's got a beehive full of workers, and a whole bunch of jobs that need to be done around the hive. But somehow she's lost control of which bee is doing what, and whether or not she's got the beepower to do the jobs that need to be done. It's up to you to build a beehive management system to help her keep track of her workers. Here's how it'll work: 1 The queen assigns jobs to her workers There are six possible jobs that the workers can do. Some know how to collect nectar and manufacture honey, others can maintain the hive and patrol for enemies. A few bees can do every job in the hive. So your program will need to give her a way to assign a job to any bee that's available to do it.