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Chapter 1: Application Development Phase... > Application Development in Flex SDK - Pg. 11

ADOBE FLEX 3 11 Building and Deploying Adobe Flex 3 Applications · Does not allow web content to read any data from a server that is not from the same domain, unless that server explicitly allows access · · Enables the user to disable the storage of information for any domain Does not allow data to be sent from a camera or microphone unless the user gives permission Application Development in Flex SDK The following example shows a typical development environment for a Flex SDK application: Flex application running on client machine HTTP/SOAP Web server Proxy server Application server Web services server In this example, application development happens in an environment that is behind a firewall, and you deploy your application SWF file on To run the application, you make a request to it from a computer that is also within the firewall. The executing SWF file can access resources on any other server as necessary. In the development environment, the SWF file can directly access web services, or it can access them through a proxy server.