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Part IV: Exercises > Using Flash Skin Templates

12.2. Using Flash Skin Templates

Want more of a starting point for creating skins in Flash? Adobe has a set of skin templates that comes packaged with the Flash Skin Design Extensions. This extension provides individual templates for components as well as a single template that has all the required symbols for your Flex components. Each of the templates can be modified to meet your needs and is perfect for creating individual skin variations. In turn, because you aren’t starting from scratch, the templates can help speed up the process of creating skins, and the majority of the required symbols for the component skins have been created for you. The extension can be downloaded from In these short steps, you will walk through the process of getting set up with the Flash Skin Design Extension.

Download and install the Flash Design Extension from the preceding URL. You may need to restart Flash after the install.

After you have the Flash Skin Design Extension installed for Flash, you can easily access the skin templates. You can access the templates by creating a New Flash file and clicking on the Templates tab at the top of the New Document dialog, next to General (see Figure 12.2-1). Simply select the template you want to work with and click OK.

Figure 12.2-1. Flash skin templates

Additionally, you can access the Templates dialog from the Create from Template column in Flash’s Getting Started window (see Figure 12.2-2).

Figure 12.2-2. Flash’s Getting Started window

After you’ve edited the skin template to your liking, you can follow the steps in the Exercise 12.1, “Creating a Graphical Skin Using the Flex Component,” to use your skins in Flex.


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