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4. Constructing Scalable Web and Mobile Solutions

Chapter 4. Constructing Scalable Web and Mobile Solutions

The most important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them.

Sir William Bragg

If you’re like me, it takes very little for you to recall your first experience with a computer. In fact, the act of reading that last sentence probably took you back in your mind’s eye to whenever that time was.

I first touched a computer in 1985 when my parents brought home an IBM PC. It was decked out with two 5×7-inch floppy disk drives and a lovely green-screen monitor. I was instantly intrigued and quickly started diving into the several instruction binders that came with this mystical machine so that I could learn the magic that would allow me to harness its power. A few successful lines of BASICA later and I was hooked.

While massive advancements have been made in the area of computers, many of the core concepts have remained the same. These advancements were often made by discovering new ways to think about existing facts. Without these new ways of thinking, we would certainly not be where we are today.

New ways of thinking continue to be developed daily and the constant advances in technology reflect this. Many of these advances have had a positive side effect of causing more and more people to have access to the Internet than ever before. These users of the Web expect sites that are highly responsive and that work with a variety of modern devices. Other advances have shifted the access of the Internet from the traditional stationary locations to mobility. In fact, the CTIA Wireless Association has indicated that there are more wireless subscriber connections in the United States and its territories than people, according to a CNET News article.

In order to provide responsive and adaptive solutions that scale to the number of users that are now required, we too must discover new ways to think about various technologies and approaches. I’ve already shown several ways to help your solutions meet increasing speed and scalability needs. This chapter provides additional approaches and F# examples to further this knowledge.

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