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Acknowledgments It would be a rare developer indeed who had worked on every genre and style of game addressed in this book, and certainly I cannot make that claim. When it came time to speak about subjects of which I had little direct experience, I relied heavily on the advice and wisdom of my professional colleagues. I owe a special debt of gratitude to: Monty Clark Jesyca Durchin Joseph Ganetakos Scott Kim Rick Knowles Raph Koster Mike Lopez Steve Meretzky Carolyn Handler Miller Brian Moriarty Tess Snider Chris Taylor Michelle Hinn and the IGDA Accessibility Special Interest Group I hasten to add that any errors in the book are mine and not theirs. I am also espe- cially indebted to MobyGames ( whose vast database of PC and console games I consulted daily, and sometimes hourly, in my research. My technical reviewer, Chris Weaver, provided advice and feedback throughout the book. I cannot express the value to me of his experience as a game designer, game industry entrepreneur, and professor at MIT. A number of my colleagues offered valuable suggestions about different parts of the manuscript; I am particularly grateful to Chris Bateman, Ben Cousins, Melissa Federoff, Ola Holmdahl, and Lucy Joyner for their advice. Several people and institutions generously gave me permission to reproduce images: MobyGames ( Giant Bomb ( Björn Hurri ( Cecropia, Inc. ( Finally, no list of acknowledgments would be complete without recognizing the help of my editors. Robyn Thomas worked hard with me to get the book done under severe deadline pressure, and Mary Ellen Foley, The Word Boffin (www.word-, offered valuable insights and editing assistance. I'm also grateful for the assistance of Margot Hutchison, my agent at Waterside Productions, in helping to finalize the contract. Suggestions, corrections, and even complaints are always welcome; please send them to Pseudo Interactive (www.pseudointerac- Chronic Logic ( and Auran (