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Chapter 16. Sports Games > Design Practice: Questions

Design Practice: Questions

1.What sport are you simulating? Is it a real sport or a made-up one? If it’s real, do you want to get a license from a governing body?
2.What are the rules of the sport? If it’s a real sport, can you really implement them all, or will the game be limited to a subset?
3.What competition modes will be offered—single-player, competitive, cooperative, teams? Which ones make sense for the sport and which don’t?
4.In addition to playing a single match, what other game modes will be offered? Season, tournament, franchise, career?
5.What is the best perspective for playing the sport? Directly overhead, from the sidelines, from some other angle? What intelligence needs to be built into the camera to make the game easy to play? How will you handle displaying actions at widely separated points?
6.How do you map the actions of an athlete or an entire team of athletes to the controls available to the player? If you’re using a machine with motion-sensing capabilities, how will those movements turn into athletic activities? Will the functions of the buttons need to change during the course of play? When and why?
7.What additional markings should be drawn on the field of play to compensate for the player’s lack of depth perception? What pop-up windows over the play will the player need, and how do you prevent those from obscuring the action? When play is not in progress, how does the rest of the user interface look and work?
8.What roles will the player play in the sport? Athlete, coach, general manager? When does the player switch from one to another and why?
9.What’s the general structure of the game? What screens are needed, and how do they lead from one to another? Can the player trade athletes among teams in the middle of the season, for example?
10.What changes must be made to the physics of the sport to make it playable by ordinary mortals?
11.What characteristics describe an athlete’s abilities? How will they affect the way her behavior looks on the screen? Will some athletes have ratings peculiar to the positions they play?
12.What states can the game be in, even in times between active play? How does an athlete behave in each state? What are her goals in each state, and in team play, what is the collective goal of the team in each state? How does the individual athlete’s behavior contribute to meeting the team’s goal?
13.Are you going to offer automatic simulation of matches? How will that be done?
14.What will the audio commentary be like? What events will it cover?
15.How does instant replay work?


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