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Chapter 12. Level Streaming > Level Streaming via Kismet - Pg. 757

Level Streaming via Kismet 757 Level Streaming via Kismet Streaming your level through the use of Kismet sequences provides a high degree of flexibility, as you have complete control over when a level is loaded and unloaded, and when it is made visible and invisible. This means that it is far simpler to handle streaming based on gameplay events, scripted sequences, and so on. At the same time, this flexibility comes at the cost of a certain level of complexity in terms of setup. In a nutshell, it can get a bit tricky setting up level streaming using Kismet, and you may find yourself using simpler methods except when you need levels loaded by way of a very specific event or circumstance. Following are some of the more com- monly used specialized Kismet sequence objects used in level streaming via Kismet: . Change Level Visibility--This sequence object enables you to toggle the visibility of a specific level (see FIGURE 12.35 ). Stream Level--This sequence object enables you to toggle whether or not a level has been loaded, as well as whether it is visible upon loading. The level name passed into this object must be the name of a level that has been placed in the Level browser of . FIGURE 12.35 Change Level Visibility object