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Chapter 2. Windows Graphics System Archi... > WINDOWS GRAPHICS SYSTEM COMPONENTS


The Windows Application Programming Interface—in other words, the Win32 API—is a huge set of interrelated functions providing different kinds of services to application programs. From the programmer's viewpoint, the Win32 API can be divided into several groups of services:

  • Window Base Services, commonly known as kernel services, which include Microsoft clustering, debugging, error handling, dynamic load library (DLL), process, thread, file, I/O, international features, interprocess communication, performance monitoring, removable storage, security, etc.

  • User Interface Services, commonly known as user services, which include windowing, message queue, dialog box, control, common control, common dialog box, resource, user input, shell, etc.

  • Graphics and Multimedia Services, including broadcast architecture, color management, DirectX, GDI, multimedia, video for windows, still image, OpenGL, Windows Media, etc.

  • COM, OLE, and Active X Services, including Component Object Model (COM), automation, Microsoft Transaction Server, Object Linking and Embedding (OLE), etc.

  • Database and Messaging Services, including Data Access Objects (DOA), the Structured Query Language (SQL) server, Messaging API (MAPI), etc.

  • Networking and Distributed Services, including active directory, message queue, networking, remote procedural call, routing and remote access, Systems Network Architecture (SNA) server, synchronization manager, Telephony API (TAPI), etc.

  • Internet, Intranet, and Extranet Services, including indexing service, Internet Explorer, Microsoft agent, NetShow, scripting, site server, etc.

  • Setup and System Management Services, including configuration, setup, systems management, etc.


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