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Appendix C. Procedure Reference for the ... > Procedural Database Information - Pg. 401

Some objects pull double duty; they may be used to call a number of types of proce- dures. The valid objects, and the prefixes for the types of procedures that they may call, is: Object Gimp Layer Prefixes gimp_ gimp_layer_ gimp_drawable_ gimp_image_ gimp_ Image gimp_image_ gimp_drawable_ gimp_ Display Gradients Edit Progress gimp_display_ gimp_ gimp_gradients_ gimp_edit_ gimp_progress_ Plugin Tile PixelRgn plug_in_ gimp_tile_ gimp_pixel_rgn_ Palette Channel Object Selection Drawable Prefixes gimp_selection_ gimp_drawable_ gimp_layer_ gimp_image_ gimp_ gimp_channel_ gimp_drawable_ gimp_image_ gimp_ gimp_palette_