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Chapter 3: Handling Basic Interaction > Bring It on Home - Pg. 68

68 CHAPTER 3: Handling Basic Interaction Bring It on Home This chapter's simple application introduced you to MVC, creating and connecting outlets and actions, implementing view controllers, and using application delegates. You learned how to trigger action methods when a button is tapped and saw how to change the text of a label at runtime. Although we built a simple application, the basic concepts we used are the same as those that underlie the use of all controls under iOS, not just buttons. In fact, the way we used buttons and labels in this chapter is pretty much the way that we will implement and interact with most of the standard controls under iOS. It's critical that you understand everything we did in this chapter and why we did it. If you don't, go back and redo the parts that you don't fully understand. This is important stuff! If you don't make sure you understand everything now, you will only get more confused as we get into creating more complex interfaces later in this book. In the next chapter, we'll take a look at some of the other standard iOS controls. You'll also learn how to use alerts to notify the user of important happenings and how to use action sheets to indicate that the user needs to make a choice before proceeding. When you feel you're ready to proceed, give yourself a pat on the back for being such an awesome student, and head on over to the next chapter.