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Unity Remote 125 to be mentioned because it was ported over to the iPhone after getting slaugh- tered at retail on both the DS and PSP. The iPhone port managed to maintain the game's playability even without hardware buttons, and it held the top-grossing sales position for a long time. Many of the reviews for Chinatown Wars cite it as the superior version of the game because the iPhone manages to take the best of the DS and PSP and consolidate it into one console. Currently, the input considerations of the iPhone are of minimal concern. While it is clear that the lack of hardware buttons impedes gameplay to a degree, it is also clear that good game design can overcome this shortcoming. When designing an iPhone game, it's important to take cues from games like Real Racing and remove or invert the need to hold a finger down to cause a recurring action. It's just as important to lay out a game's HUD or GUI properly so that the game view isn't obstructed. As an example, let's compare ngmoco's Eliminate Pro to Gameloft's Modern Combat. Eliminate doesn't have any onscreen GUI objects, maximizing the screen real estate for the player's view. Of course, Modern Combat doesn't require