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To comment or ask technical questions about this book, send email to: For more information about our books, conferences, Resource Centers, and the O'Reilly Network, see our website at: Safari ® Books Online Safari Books Online is an on-demand digital library that lets you easily search over 7,500 technology and creative reference books and videos to find the answers you need quickly. With a subscription, you can read any page and watch any video from our library online. Read books on your cell phone and mobile devices. Access new titles before they are available for print, and get exclusive access to manuscripts in development and post feedback for the authors. Copy and paste code samples, organize your favorites, download chapters, bookmark key sections, create notes, print out pages, and benefit from tons of other time-saving features. O'Reilly Media has uploaded this book to the Safari Books Online service. To have full digital access to this book and others on similar topics from O'Reilly and other publishers, sign up for free at Acknowledgments Everyone has one book in them. This is my second. I'd like to thank my editor at O'Reilly, Brian Jepson, for holding my hand just one more time. As before his hard work made my hard work much better than it otherwise would have been. I also very much want to thank my wife Gemma Hobson for her continued support and encouragement. Those small, and sometimes larger, sacrifices an author's spouse routinely has to make don't get any less inconvenient the second time around. I'm not sure why she let me write another, perhaps because I claimed to enjoy writing the first one so much. Thank you Gemma. Finally to my son Alex, still too young to read what his daddy has written, hopefully this volume will keep you in books to chew on just a little longer.