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Acknowledgments - Pg. xviii

acknowledgments Any technical book is a massive undertaking, due to the number of people required to make sure that it reads well, looks good, and is technically correct. Thus, we have to thank the entire Manning staff, without whom this book would not exist. They did more than just correct our errors and polish our words; they also helped us make inte- gral decisions about the organization and the contents of the book--decisions that we believe improved it dramatically. In particular, we'd like to thank the three people at Manning who helped us at the most pivotal times: Troy Mott, our acquisitions editor, who initially agreed to take on the book and who stayed with us every step of the way; Katharine Osborne, our devel- opment editor, who put in an incredible amount of work to ensure the quality of writ- ing and offered tons of guidance and support along the way; and Marjan Bace, our publisher, who offered some of the biggest challenges regarding our content and organization and initiated some of the best improvements. We'd also like to thank Tiffany Taylor, our copyeditor, and Katie Tennant, our proofeader. Beyond that, tech editors are crucial to the success of a book like this, so we want to thank Kalle Alm and Matt Wyman who did the technical proofread of the manuscript a number of times as it was being revised and updated; they caught minu- tia that we weren't even aware of. Though it's clichéd to say, it's true: any errors that sneaked in are ours, but many others were corrected by all of the people we men- tion--and many more who worked behind the scenes at Manning. They were crucial to the book, and we'd like to thank them all. Finally, we'd like to thank the reviewers who generously agreed to read our manu- script as we worked on it; they improved the book immensely: Ted Neward, Jason xviii