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Preface - Pg. xvii

preface When it came time to write a revised edition of iPhone in Action, Shannon and Christo- pher had their hands tied with other projects. This is when Manning decided to seek out another author to perform the necessary updates. They eventually stumbled on me on Twitter. I had started programming when I was a junior in high school and spent most of my time writing web applications and silly Java games. After high school, I attended the University of New Mexico and acquired a Bachelor of Science degree in Com- puter Science. When Apple launched the original iPhone, I drooled over the device and longed to own one. It wasn't until Apple came out with the iPhone 3G that I could actually afford it. Knowing that I wanted to write software for the iPhone, I began learning to program for it and started a popular development blog called before I even had a device in hand. Because I was used to reading Javadocs in college, I was able to learn a lot from the Apple API documentation. When I began working on this book, I quickly realized that quite a few of the chap- ters from the first edition had to go. Although the web applications were a crucial part of the iPhone apps' startup, they can no longer compete with native apps. So I removed the web chapters from the original text and added new ones based on the newest iPhone SDK features. Just as the book was completed, Apple made another big announcement: the com- pany revealed its newest device, the iPad. Manning and I had a decision to make: either spend another couple of months on the book, or release a book that would become a dinosaur the moment it hit the shelves. Fortunately, we chose the former option. B RANDON T REBITOWSKI xvii