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Chapter 1. Advanced Java > Summary - Pg. 31

Advanced Java Note 31 In an effort to show you how easy and fun network programming can be with Java, we have devised a simple application that we will redo every chapter. In one chapter we will use sockets, in another CORBA. Eventually, you will have six different applications that do the same thing. With the six applications, you can compare ease-of-use and performance, as well as figure out what all the hubbub is about network programming. The next four chapters will explore the basic alternatives available to network programmers intent on using the Java language. Summary Wow! Not only have we learned the nuances of the Java programming language, but we've also deleved into the wide world of threads, explored some of the important performance issues we need to deal with, and seen how easy it is to save and restore our creations. These are great tools to have as we begin our journey through the realm of interprocess communication, networked pro- gramming, and distributed design.