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Super-charged network solutions for experienced Java professionals, updated to Java 2

  • Create powerful client/server applications with RMI

  • Use IDL to build CORBA applications that work with legacy systems

  • Interface with databases using JDBC and SQL

  • Completely updated from the best-selling first edition

  • The latest in Java: JDBC, JINI, JMAPI, IDL, and CORBA

  • Up-to-date networking: TCP/IP, RMI, sockets

  • Application servers, Web servers, and servlets

  • Directory Services, LDAP, and JNDI

  • Advances in Java security

Java remains the language of choice for building Internet and networked applications. In this completely updated second edition of the 1997 best seller, Dick Steflik and Prashant Sridharan bring you tips on the hottest new developments in Java and its family of technologies. For seasoned programmers who need to stay current on Java for network applications, this is the book with the answers.

Java is the first programming language created with the Internet in mind, and this book shows you how it optimizes networked applications with such architectural elements as multithreading, serialization, and I/O. Step-by-step implementations take you through the creation of Java solutions for client/server and Internet environments, using the latest releases of each API. Advanced Java Networking, Second Edition gives you the newest techniques to use with:

  • Servlets for dynamic Web content

  • JavaBeans to create plug-and-play software components

  • JMAPI for centralized management of Java objects

If you are a manager considering networked Java applications, you will find everything you need to understand the scope and possibilities of the project. If you are a professional Java software developer or engineer, you can't afford to miss the essential resources in Advanced Java Networking, Second Edition.

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